Your Resume & The Final Four

Joe Szynkowski |

A busted bracket is the least of the worries facing many Americans today – unless thousands of dollars were on the line. Then, definitely worry on Americans!

The job market is as competitive as ever, with an average of three unemployed applicants vying for every open job position. Multiply that by the nearly 4 million available jobs open every month in the United States, and you don’t need to be a math major to figure out the longshot odds of landing a new job.

Hundreds of resumes have hit my inbox over the past few months and there are four main mistakes I see time and time again.

How does yours stack up?

1. Too much information. We’re trying to tell and sell your story in as concise a manner possible. No recruiter cares that you were on the swim team in your sophomore year of college back in the early 1990s. Keep the focus sharp on why you are the best fit for the position.

2. Not enough keywords. So many job-seekers load up the top half of their resume with industry keywords, only to never back them up within the job descriptions. A recruiter is looking to connect the dots between what you consider your key skills and how you have actually applied them.

3. No contact information. It’s OK to omit your physical address from your resume, but at least let your prospective employer know what city you live in. Hiring managers factor in the logistics of bringing new hires on-board and will need to know if a re-location budget will be required to lure you in.

4. The Typo. I’ve seen it all. From “pubic” relations to operations “manger,” an embarrassing typo will not only disqualify you from contention but could land you on a list like this.

Consider this a challenge: Sit down with your resume sometime before March Madness comes to an end and take care of any of the aforementioned mistakes before your real-life career bracket gets busted.


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